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 About me

I am a Photography Professor and Teaching Artist residing in Nashville, TN -- currently serving as a Lecturer and Studio Technician at Belmont University in the Watkins College of Art. I also represent Sprint Systems of Photography as the Operations Associate, working directly with customers and our owner/CEO.


I received my BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art (’99) and an MFA from Cranbrook Art Academy (’02), both in Photography, and have also studied at Lacoste School of the Arts (France) and The School of the Arts (Hungary). Teaching positions have also been held at Watkins College of Art and Design, Fine Arts Center in Greenville (SC), Coastal Carolina University, Kansas State University, Volunteer State Community College, and Nashville State Community College. Non-teaching roles have been held at multiple institutions including The Cleveland Institute of Art and Ensworth High School. I am fortunate to be represented in numerous permanent and private collections and have exhibited throughout the United States with international exhibitions in Thailand, France, Hungary, and various group exhibitions, including the Chiang Mai International Festival of Photography, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I also taught workshops in portrait photography.

My work focuses on fine art photography and centers on ideas of identity and environmental influences and is constructed as such in order to create a unique connection between a passion for the medium, history, culture, and most importantly the viewer. The added elements move through each body of work creating a diverse range of projects and address the overall direction of art.

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